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    If you are looking for something different to style yourself then this ornament set could be an amazing option for you. It has earring with a matching ring. This set is made of sterling silver 925, cloisonné enamel plated with gold give it a gorgeous look. The earrings also have a green sparking stone on it. We keep the color in green which represents...
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  • $380.00
    Blue is the color of the sky and the sea. It is often considered the depth and sensibility of a person. That’s why we design this ring and pendent set in blue. It is a great match for the broad minded people. Moreover it will match with your any favorite outfit.  Grab one for yourself. 
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  • $325.00
    A ring is not just a jewelry piece for your finger. If you style yourself with the perfect ring it can surely define your personality. Just look at this ring and you will have your answer. Not everyone can carry this mysterious shaped human design ring. You would be amazed to know that we have matching earring for this ring. So why not buy one for yourself? 
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