The sibling team  

The sibling team of Anilexe is made up of Ani Babayan-Metreveli and Alexander Babayan were born in Tbilisi, Georgia. Growing up they always admired the beautiful things in the world and became heavily interested in art. Both graduated from the Academy of Art in Tbilisi. Ani trained in fashion design, while Alex trained in sculpture and graphic design. Their skills led them to a variety of different types of work. Ani was always interested in jewelry and began making jewelry. Eventually, Ani and Alex put their skills together and created Anilexe Jewelry Company bringing cloisonne enamel jewelry to the world.

Ani Babayan-Metreveli


Alexander Babayan


Cloisonne jewelry is

ancient metalwork technique 

Cloisonne jewelry is made with a special process that has been used by many cultures throughout history. It is an ancient metalwork technique that uses precious metal filaments and colorful glass enamels to create art. The metal wires are bent to create the shape of the design and then many coats of finely ground glass enamel are fried into them until the art is complete. This hot enamel can only be applied to copper, silver and gold. In our works we use sterling silver 925 due to its white color. This allows the contrast in the work between the metal and the enamels. In the works of Anilexe we use a variety of colors in order to create the most dynamic and beautiful work we can.


Unique art works


What’s amazing about this type of jewelry making is that it is flexible. Almost any kind of design or drawing can be created from geometric shapes to human figures to everything in between. This flexibility allows Ani and Alex to put their skills to use from their backgrounds in fashion, graphic design, and sculpture. Each cloisonne enamel piece draws on these years of experience and an eye for artwork in order to create items that will last for years and become a treasured part of any jewelry collection.

Art inspiration

Each piece is handcrafted and designed by Alex and Ani. We find inspiration all around us in the world and sometimes just by the colors we select. We have over 700 colors of enamels that we use to create nuance and add character to each and every piece of jewelry. The handmade nature of our jewelry makes each one completely unique and singular to the person who receives it. Patterns can be repeated, but the process is different each time. It’s a craft of love from our workshop to you no matter where in the world you are.